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Shitstorms, that’s how the light comes in

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This is a talk I did one week ago at „Lightening Talks Munich“. The audience: international students and IT-youngsters.

3 Kommentare

  1. Very interesting talk, thanks for posting. I fully agree that one’s inner demons need to be seen and heard by oneself. I am not so sure if they need to be shared. Some feelings change and increase in their intensity if you act them out. What you feel is no longer what was there before, but something different that you only created in your quest to „overcome“ your inner demon. Which is, in some sense, also an attempt to avoid it, to get rid of it, maybe not so different from supressing it.

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    • Hi, I dont mind, if you steal my theme. Actually it is one of the simpiest at WordPress. Unfortunately I do not remember which one exactly.
      Thanks for your good wishes regarding the corona virus. I take it easy. Since a very long time I live the way I have to in quarantane. Simple and meditative. Regarding your site: its clean in style, easy to get info and it looks serious. I would buy!

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